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How do x-ray grids fit into the x-ray bucky stand?

Newheek’s x-ray grid can be used on the x-ray bucky stand to filter out the effect of scattered rays on imaging. The x-ray bucky stand can satisfy the requirements of standing photography for human joints, limbs and chest.

Many customers buy our x-ray grids and install them on the x-ray bucky stand. The image will not be clear, or the image will be bright and dark at the same time. This is due to the customer’s incorrect installation of the x-ray grids, or the breakage of the x-ray grids.

When the x-ray grid is installed on the x-ray bucky stand, if the x-ray bucky stand is an open-door x-ray bucky stand, it should be installed on the door of the x-ray bucky stand. The most important thing is to install between the object under test and the imaging receiving device, with a cross or vertical side for the above.

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