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The X-ray grid is an option for X-ray machines

X-ray grid as an optional part of the X-ray machine, so the use of high-frequency machine shooting suggested the use of X-ray grid, the effect will be better.
The X-ray grid is made up of alternating layers of thin lead and low-density material that passes easily through x-rays as fillings. In X-ray photography, the center line of the X-ray is aligned with the center of the X-ray grid plate. The original ray projection direction is in the same direction as the gap between the lead bars of the X-ray grid, and the film can be generated through the gap between the lead bars.
The X ray grid is an option for X ray machines
Since the scattering lines generated by the irradiated body are multi-centered and multi-directional, most of the scattered rays are absorbed by the lead bar and only a small part of them pass through.
Newheek X-ray grid is divided into many types, including convergent grid, parallel grid, arc grid and cross grid.
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