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The X-ray grid provides a clearer image for detecting chest lesions

Recently, the United States, the world’s first superpower, has become a mess. During this severe new crown epidemic, a large-scale unrest broke out in the United States due to the death of an American man of African descent who was mistreated by white American police. Just because of the protest against the abuse of African-American men by the police, countless Americans took to the streets of major cities in the United States to hold demonstrations, which quickly escalated into armed riots. The Trump administration was helpless, and even sent troops to suppress it. On May 30th, reported that in order to suppress the U.S. protests, the US military actually used armored vehicles.
According to videos that have been widely circulated in the United States, such as Fox News Network and CBS News Network, a large number of people have suddenly appeared on the streets of a residential area in Minneapolis at about 9:30 that evening. Military personnel of the US National Guard with live ammunition are marching. What is even more shocking is that in front of the marching team of the National Guard, there are actually many armored vehicles opening the road, a scene of menacing force. What is even more terrifying is that these guards have a very bad attitude towards the people on the street, and even “fired” at them to apply bloody suppression. It is clear from the video that some members of the National Guard roared at the people and made them enter the house, while others threatened to shoot, and then fired at the people.


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