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Type of X-ray grid

X-ray grid is used to filter scattered lines. Where is the x-ray grid installed? Since the x-ray grid is used to filter scattered rays, it must be installed on the X-ray auxiliary equipment. For example, under the radiography table,or on the bucky stand.
The grids are classified according to their structures
1.Converging grid: each lead is inclined to the focus, that is, the extension line of lead is concentrated in the focus;
2.Parallel grid: each lead bar is parallel to each other in the vertical plane;
3. Cross grid: composed of two parallel grids, the lead direction is 90 ° to each other;
4.Arc grid: expanded from the center to the outside and overlapped with equal radius, tile like;
The screen material is classified according to:
1 common filter grid: the internal spacer is non-metallic material title, into wood, paper, plastic and other non-metallic low-density materials
2 all metal filter grid: internal spacer is made of metal material: aluminum sheet has high strength and good moisture resistance


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