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Movable X ray grid

The Movable X ray grid is used to filter out the influence of scattered rays on the film. It should be placed between the human body and the film, which can filter out most of the scattering lines, and only a small part of the scattering lines can be missed. The Movable X ray grid x ray grid can improve the quality of X-ray machine medical equipment. The function of grid is to filter scattered rays, reduce haze and improve contrast. When the thickness and density of the object being photographed is large, the quality of the photography can be improved by using the x ray grid. The use of hand different detection objects, the x ray grids of medical imaging equipment should be removed or installed. For example, a medical imaging device detects children, and the grid is assembled and fixed to the body of the device. The X-ray generator emits X-ray to the detection object, and the Movable X ray grid grid filters the stray X-ray and makes the effective X-ray be received and imaged by the equipment body. The grid can be removed from the main body of the equipment when the current test items or other parts are tested.
However, the filter grid is placed horizontally on the main body of the equipment by means of plug-in, so it is easy to shift during the movement or vibration of the equipment body. However, when the grid is tightly fixed with the main body of the equipment, it is difficult to disassemble the grid. Therefore, there is a manual removable filter grid, which is provided with a handle for pushing and pulling, which can make it convenient to push and pull when the filter grid is placed on the main body of the equipment.


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