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Use of X-ray grids

The function of the X-ray grid is to filter the scattered rays to make the image clearer. The grid consists of many extremely thin lead strips and internal spacers alternately arranged and bonded to form a flat plate. The grid should be placed between the human body and the film/IP board or flat panel detector to filter out the influence of scattered rays on the film, so as to make the image clearer. The grid is divided into the focal plane and the back focal plane, and the focal plane is the side facing the focal point of the tube, also called the “incidence plane”. There is a label mark or note on the focal plane, and the center line of the grid is marked. When the convergence grid is in use, the convergence line should coincide with the focal point of the tube, so that the original emission line is parallel to the lead strip and can pass through smoothly. The direction of the scattered rays is random, and seldom coincides with the direction of the lead strip, so most of them are absorbed by the lead strip, and the image clarity obtained is better. Therefore, the grid should be placed in the required position as far as possible to avoid deviation from the center.
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