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Precautions for using the X-ray grid

Precautions for using the X-ray grid:
1. Inversion is prohibited.
2. The center line is aligned with the center of the grid, and the left and right deviation does not exceed 3cm.
3. Tilt the X-ray tube.
4. When it is required to eliminate the high rate of scattered rays, use a grid with a large grid ratio.
5. Cross grids cannot be used when X-rays are shot obliquely.
6. The commonly used grid ratio for high kilovolt photography is 12:1.
7. When using grid photography, the exposure conditions should be appropriately increased.
8. The grid should be placed between the human body and bucky, with the focusing plane facing the incident direction of X-rays.
9. The thickness of the object to be illuminated should exceed 15cm.
10. Upright chest X-ray requires a grid focal length of 180cm and a grid ratio of 12:1 or 14:1.
11. The change of the focal length of the grid during photography should not be greater than or less than 25% of the focal length.
12. For the movable grid, its movement time should be at least longer than 1/5 of the exposure time.
13. The photography condition is 80kV, and the grid ratio is 8:1.
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