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Uses of DR X-ray grid

The DR X-ray grid is used for chest radiographs. The DR X-ray grid is used in chest radiographs to filter out the influence of scattered rays on the film or image. Most of the scattered rays are filtered out, and only a small part of the straight rays pass through. This improves the diagnostic quality of medical equipment and provides clearer and more accurate X-ray images. Therefore, the DR X-ray grid must be used when taking chest radiographs.
The side-ejection film frame produced by our company is a film frame for DR X-ray grids to take chest radiographs.
The main technical parameters are as follows,
1. The maximum stroke of the film box is 1100mm;
2. The slot width is suitable for boards with a thickness of <28mm
3. Film box size: 5 “×7 “-17 “×17 “;
4. Wire grid:
①Grid density: 40 lines/cm;
②Grid ratio: 10:1;
③Convergence distance: 180cm.
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