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X-ray grid for industrial detection X-ray machines

Recently *Inquiry X-ray grid of the research institute, the size is 14*17 or 17*17, the grid ratio is 10:1, the focal length is about 50CM, the smaller the better. The Korean X-ray flat panel detector is used for supporting industrial x It is used for optical-mechanical flaw detection equipment, and this X-ray grid needs to be customized, and then as long as the grid ratio is 12:1, the grid density of the X-ray grid is 150L/in, and the shorter the focal length, the better.
Does the customer claim that our X-ray grid is a grid-like lead strip? Tell us that we normally use a convergence grid. If a parallel grid is used, there is no focus. If the customer wants a grid-like lead strip, it is a cross grid. This kind of X-ray grid is more expensive. If you determine that you need this kind of X-ray grid, you need to customize it now. Customers say they will negotiate again.
Dear users, if you purchase an X-ray grid next time, I believe you should understand all aspects of the X-ray grid. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult.


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