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We can help you choose the right x ray grid

Many customers do not know which one to use when choosing an x ray grid, and it is unclear how large it is. So how can you help customers choose an x ray grid better and faster?

When general customers consult the x ray grid, they first need to ask about the required size, grid density and focal length of the x ray grid than these parameters. Commonly used x ray grid: size 15×18, grid ratio 10:1, grid density of 103L/IN. Generally, the ray focus grid frame uses 1.8 meters, and the bed is a gastrointestinal bed with a focal length of about 1.5 meters. Therefore, when recommending the grid to customers, these parameters should be clearly implemented. It should be noted that the grid is specially customized based on the use of the parameter DR flat panel detector.

Our company is an agent of x ray grids, and we can customize x ray grids of different sizes. The main advantages are:

(1) Variable size

(2) Variable gate ratio

(3) Focal length range

(4) High gate density

Choose our company, we will help you choose the right x ray grid.

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