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X-ray grid for pet DR x ray machine

Shanghai * Pet Medical Company consulted newheek’s X-ray filter grid for pet DR, and wanted our company to recommend a suitable parameter. The specific communication process is as follows:

Customers said that they saw Korean JPIX ray grids on our website, and would like to ask if they are suitable for their use?

Ask the customer what equipment is installed on the X-ray grid? Customers claim that the X-ray grid is installed on the Zhizhi mobile DR, but they don’t know which one is more suitable. They told me that the X-ray grids used in general DR are all high-density grids. DR’s brand model specifications are specially customized.

They have several DRs. One of them is Toshiba 4343. If it is Toshiba 4343, the grid size is 18*18 inches, the grid density is 215L/In, and the grid ratio is 8:1 or It is 10:1. For the focal length bed, it is usually 1 meter or 1.5 meters, and the chest frame is 1.8 meters.

Regarding the DR of the Korean brand, we also need to have specific specifications and models before we can recommend the best matching parameters. This also needs to be implemented with customers.

Dear users, do you need to be equipped with a grid on your DR device? If necessary, you only

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