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What are the advantages of our Newheek X-ray grid?

We at Newheek are the agent of X-ray Grid. It can customize X-ray grids of different models and sizes. Everyone knows that X-ray grids are very important for bucky brackets and X-ray machines. It is used in the medical field. It can make the captured image clearer. Let’s take a look at some knowledge of x-ray grid!
What is an X-ray grid? There are three aspects.
(1) The application of high-purity lead in the grid provides high anti-scattering efficiency.
(2) The precise combination of aluminum base and aluminum tape makes high-quality images possible.
(3) The lead grid is wrapped with a smooth aluminum cover and coated with enamel to protect the grid from heat and dust and avoid years of maintenance.
The above is an overview of the x-ray grid. I believe everyone understands that there are many sizes of x-ray grids, from the standard 5*7 to 14*51, that is, the grid ratio ranges from 3:1 to 15:1. Customized according to your own situation.

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