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What are the precautions in using the grid?

The x ray grid is clear to everyone. Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly a manufacturer of filter grids, mainly including Korean jpi filter grids, king filter grids, etc., all of which are made of aluminum. What should I pay attention to during the installation process of the grid, let me give you a brief introduction.

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   1. The filter grid must not be subjected to gravity pressure, bending, and the filter grid is very brittle. If gravity is applied, the grid can not be used.
   2. In the process of installation, be sure to use the country of the beading, and find the center position, otherwise the filter grid will easily cause damage.
   3, in the process of packaging and delivery, must be buffered with a soft foam, so as not to cause losses.
    I believe that you have a certain understanding of the use of the grid, please contact our customer service if you need to purchase the grid.


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