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What are the product knowledge of the grid?

Grids are also known as filter panels and grids.
The grid is formed by flattening a plurality of extremely thin lead strips and internal spacers.
The grid should be placed between the human body and the film to filter out the effects of scattered rays on the film.
At present, the grid is used for camera frames, video cameras, and image intensifiers. It is square on the camera holder and the camera, and is rounded at the input of the image intensifier.

Super x ray grid effect The radius of the movable X ray grid
A little scratch or deformation of the grid will affect its normal use. A little more can only be disposed of, so it must be handled carefully during transportation and storage, and can only be placed flat or vertical. put.
The type of grid is currently shaped according to its size, such as: 6 × 8, 9 × 11, φ240 and so on.
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