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What are the types of in X – rays grid

There are many kinds of X-ray grids, which can be divided into the following categories according to their structure, material and movement mode. According to its structure classification can be divided into: convergent gate, parallel gate, cross gate three. According to its material classification can be divided into metal and non-metal, according to its movement can be divided into fixed, movable type.
X-ray filter grid is divided into metal and non-metal according to material. Non-metallic material of X-ray filter grid filter grid its interval content filler is non-metallic, such as plastic, paper, etc., its moisture-proof ability is weak need to do moisture-proof measures. The X-ray filter grid of metal material is filled with metal material such as aluminum, which has strong moisture resistance.
X-ray filter grids are divided into fixed type and mobile type according to the motion mode: fixed type X-ray grids have high requirements on the grid density, because the x ray  grids with too low grid density are easy to cause lead shadow and thus affect the image.

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