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What is the purpose of the x ray grid

What is the purpose of the x ray grid? In short: Filter out stray rays to make the image clearer. A x ray grid is placed between the patient and the X-ray film to reduce the scattered radiation reaching the detector (mainly produced by the Compton effect) and thus improve image contrast.
x ray grid are usually used for anatomical structures > 10 cm: abdomen, skull, spine (except lateral cervical vertebrae), comparative studies, IVU, RGU, microcontroller, barium studies (including lateral cervical vertebrae); Breast (mammography) : Use a 4:1 wire filter ratio.
Filter gate characteristics: Bucky’s coefficient is the ratio of radiation on the filter gate to transmitted radiation, and it indicates an increase in patient dose due to the use of the filter gate, usually 2 to 6.
Contrast improvement factor is the ratio between contrast with and without a x ray grid. Usually two. Image contrast can be improved by increasing the line filter ratio by increasing the height of the lead line or reducing the gap. However, this results in increased X-ray tube load and radiation exposure to the patient.

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