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What is an X-ray grid?

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Overview of X-ray grid
(1) The application of high-purity lead in the wire grid provides high efficiency in anti-scattering.
(2) The precise combination of aluminum base and aluminum strip makes high-quality images possible.
(3) The smooth aluminum cover wraps the lead grid and is glazed, so that the wire grid is protected from heat and dust, and it is free from maintenance for many years.
The role of the grid
The filter grid is used to filter out the influence of scattered rays on the flat panel detector. Between the human body and the flat panel detector, most of the scattered rays can be filtered out, and only a small part of the scattered rays can pass through. The wire grid can improve the filming quality of the X-ray machine. When the thickness and density of the object being photographed are relatively large, the wire grid can improve the filming quality. It is recommended to use a wire grid for filming with a high-frequency machine, and the effect will be better.
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