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What is the commonly used X-ray grid for DR?

X-ray grids are mainly used to filter out messy rays during radiology inspections. However, there are many types of X-ray grids. According to the working mode, they are divided into static X-ray grids and dynamic X-ray grids. According to the structural characteristics, they are divided into parallel grids, parallel grids, and dynamic X-ray grids. Convergence grids, cross grids, etc. At present, most of the X-ray grids used on DR are used convergence grids, with a size of 15*18-18*18, and we need to determine the size of the grid according to the size of our cassette.
In addition, parameters such as size, focal length, grid ratio, grid density, etc. must be determined when purchasing X-ray grids, otherwise the purchased X-ray grids may not be used normally.
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