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What is the movable grid structure?

Divided into metal and non-metal by material. Non-metallic mesh grids are filled with non-metallic content such as plastics, paper sheets, etc., and their moisture resistance is weak. The metal content of the grid is separated by a metal material such as aluminum, which is resistant to moisture.

It is divided into fixed and mobile according to the motion mode: the fixed grid has high requirements on the grid density, because the grid with too low grid density is easy to cause lead shadow and affect the image. Therefore, fixed grids generally use high grid density. The movable filter grid, which may be referred to as a filter device, is composed of a filter grid, a driving device and a tray. The driving device causes the grid to start moving in a direction perpendicular to the direction in which the lead bars are arranged before the exposure until the exposure is completed. Post-stop can be very good to avoid lead shadows, so the movable grid has low grid density requirements and can be used with low grid density grids.


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