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What is the principle when using the grid?

Through the human body, the Compton scattering line, which makes the haze, reduces the X-rays in contrast. To improve image quality, it is necessary to reduce the effect of scattered radiation on the scattered line photo, the effect of which is the x ray grid.
The higher the grid ratio, the stronger the ability to eliminate scattered rays, and the greater the exposure of the patient.

The greater the grid density, the greater the dose to the patient.

Therefore, the higher the gate density, the better the gate density when using the grid.

In daily work, it is determined according to the size of a conventional program of kilovolts, such as a high-kV camera, preferably a 10:1 or 12:1 grid, depending on the thickness of the 14CM, 8:1 or 10: A large filter grid density is generally a fixed grid.

Use; whether the grid is connected or not, the patient dose is increased many times, so when using the grid

Remember the following two factors:

1. Increase the grid to increase the patient’s dose.

2. In the case of high kilovolts, a grid with a high gate ratio is usually used.


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