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What is the working principle of X-ray grid?

X-ray grid is used to improve the quality, filter the scattered lines, reduce the gray haze and improve the contrast when the thickness and density of the photographed object are relatively large.

X-ray grid is one of the important accessories of X-ray machine. It is generally considered that the exposure coefficient of fixed x-ray grid is one of the standards to measure a filter grid. The exposure coefficient B is the ratio of the exposure required to obtain the same density value when the filter grid is not used and after the use of the filter grid.

B value is generally between 2 and 6. The smaller the B value of the filter grid with the same performance, the better. In addition, when X-ray photography is carried out, grid radiology will be used when the limb thickness is generally over 15cm.

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Basic structure of grid radiology: the appearance of grid radiology plate is a flat plate with a thickness of 4~8mm.The internal structure is formed by intersecting many thin lead bars.The two lead strips are positioned and cemented together with a substance that penetrates x-rays.


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