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Scattering x ray grid

Scattering x ray grid is composed of high absorption gate (Pb) and low absorption gap (Al).
The gate and slot are arranged side by side.
The internal structure of x ray grid is composed of many thin lead bars. The two lead bars are filled and positioned with X-ray-prone substances and bonded together. The fillers can be wood, paper, or aluminum sheets. Finally, use thin aluminum plate package up and down to form Scattering x ray grid version.
Scattering x ray grid parameters:
1. Focal length: vertical distance from lead bar convergence line to grid surface;
2. Grid ratio: also called grid ratio, is the ratio of lead bar height to lead gap.
3. Grid density: the number of lead bars within a unit distance range.
Scattering x ray grid usually has 8:1 10:1 12:1 and a small quantity of 6:1. Gate densities usually range from 8 × 8 to 15 × 37 for two kinds.


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