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Why do you need to increase the dose after using a grid

Why does the exposure need to increase the dose after using the grid? The grid is a component that absorbs scattered rays. When X-rays pass through the human body, scattered rays are generated due to the Compton effect, which causes fog on the image and reduces the contrast. When shooting high-dose parts, the Compton effect will be more obvious. In order to reduce the influence of the Compton effect on the image, a grid is required. The higher the grid ratio, the stronger the ability to eliminate scattered rays and the better the image obtained. The corresponding cost is the greater the dose received by the patient.
Therefore, when using the grid, keep the following two in mind and increase the grid ratio: ①Increase the patient’s dose. ② In high-dose filming, a high grid ratio grid is generally used. Air filtration technology can also be applied. For example, when shooting the lateral position of the cervical spine, a clear image can be obtained without a grid. For thick parts such as the lumbar spine and pelvis, the grid must be used.

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