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Why doesn’t DR use a grid for chest X-rays?

I believe that many people have taken chest X-rays when they are sick, and many physical examination programs also include chest X-rays as routine inspection items. In the early days, hospitals used power-frequency X-ray machines, most of which were used with wire grids. Some careful friends have found that nowadays hospitals often use DR to take chest X-rays without a wire grid. Why is this?
In fact, whether the grid is used or not is mainly related to the machine. The main function of the wire grid is to filter the stray scattered rays. Due to the relationship between the band and frequency, the early power frequency X-ray machines produced more stray scattered rays. If the stray scattered rays are not filtered by a wire grid, the chest X-rays taken will be unclear, resulting in misdiagnosis or inappropriate diagnosis. However, the current DR machines use high-voltage generators. The high-frequency X-ray machines generate relatively few stray rays. In addition, the DR system generally has the function of a wire grid, so many DR chest X-ray do not need to be used. grid.
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