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Why was the X-ray grid invented?

An X-ray grid is a device used to adjust the energy distribution of an X-ray beam. It was invented mainly to solve some problems and needs in X-ray imaging.
First, the X-ray grid can improve the contrast of X-ray images by selectively filtering out low-energy X-rays. In traditional X-ray imaging, low-energy X-rays are easily absorbed by substances in tissues and bones, while high-energy X-rays easily penetrate these substances. By using grids, low-energy radiation can be selectively reduced and bone structures can be enhanced in the image.
Secondly, the X-ray grid can also control the size and direction of the X-ray beam by adjusting the spacing and angle of the grid. This is useful for positioning and orientation imaging. For example, in radiation therapy, by adjusting the position and angle of the grid, the focus of the X-ray beam can be precisely positioned on the tumor site to be treated.
Finally, the invention of the X-ray grid can also reduce the X-ray dose. By selectively filtering out low-energy X-rays, the amount of radiation absorbed by the patient can be minimized, thereby reducing radiation exposure to the patient.
To sum up, the invention of the X-ray grid is mainly to solve some problems in X-ray imaging, such as improving contrast, positioning and directional imaging, and reducing radiation dose. It plays an important role in fields such as medical imaging and radiation therapy.
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