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X-ray Grid

X-ray grid, used to filter out the scattered lines produced by the human body during X-ray photography.
The appearance is a thin plate with a thickness of 3~5mm, and a lead strip with a thickness of 0.05-0.1mm is generally used, which is clamped between aluminum or paper with a thickness of 0.15-0.35mm. The filler can be wood, paper, aluminum sheet, etc. Finally, the upper and lower sides are packaged with thin aluminum plates. Its specifications include:
(1) Focal length (f) : The extension of each lead strip will converge to a point. The vertical distance from the point to the grid is the focal length (radius) of the grid. A straight line is drawn in the center to show the direction of the lead strip, and this plane is toward the focal plane.
(2) Grid density (N) : The number of lead bars contained in the grid plate per centimeter defines its grid density.
(3) Grid ratio (R): refers to the height of the grid and the gap between the grid.
According to the structure characteristics of the filter grid classification: focus type, parallel type, cross type.
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