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X ray grid for bucky stand

Newheek X ray grid is suitable for X-ray equipment to reduce the scattered radiation on the image receiving surface and thus improve the quality of X-ray image.

X ray grid provides high efficiency for anti-scattering.The precise combination of movable X-ray grid’s aluminium base and bars makes high quality graphics possible.

X ray grid storage device, including bracket, left guide rail and right guide rail, sets linear guide rail on the side board of the support, sets slider on the linear guide rail, and sets locking block and baffle fixed on the slider, and the baffle is connected with one end of the stretching spring.

The other end of the stretch spring is fixed to the side plate of the bracket.After placing the X ray grid, the X ray grid can be fixed to prevent it from shaking in the detector. The second operation should be simple and convenient.

In order to obtain higher image quality, X ray grid with different focal length specifications will be used according to different shooting requirements.

Newheek X ray grid is divided into a variety of types, including parallel grid, cross grid, arc grid and convergent grid.

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