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x ray grid see that they are acting.

the New York Times said that US Secretary of State Pompeo discussed the plan with President Trump at a White House meeting on Tuesday. “This will be the first U.S. plan to ban certain types of Chinese students. China is the largest group of U.S. overseas students,” the report said. “This indicates that the U.S. may have further restrictions and the Chinese government may pass Retaliation for imposing a visa or education ban on Americans. ”

Reuters also quoted American insiders on the 28th to report on the plan, saying that its main purpose is to “fight espionage and intellectual property theft.” It is reported that the review of the plan has been carried out for several months and may affect 3,000 to 5,000 Chinese students. “Chinese students in the United States will be canceled visas and deported, while Chinese students outside the United States will be banned from returning to the United States.” People familiar with the matter said that the plan is not directly related to the situation in Hong Kong, but from the timing, it seems that it is near The United States has been a part of the “full-scale pressure campaign” against China for several months.

“The New York Times” said that the plan will definitely trigger public debate. “Officials admit that there is no direct evidence that the Chinese students who are about to be evicted have done something wrong. The suspicions of American officials are mainly concentrated in the Chinese universities where they are studying.” The official did not provide a list of affected schools. The New York Times stated that the FBI and the Department of Justice have always regarded Chinese universities related to the People ’s Liberation Army as a special issue, and believe that military officials have trained some graduates in basic espionage and forced them to collect information and information after going abroad. Pass it to Chinese officials.

The New York Times said that American universities are expected to oppose the plan. “Many American colleges and universities rely on the full tuition fees of foreign students, especially Chinese students.” In addition, American universities are wary of a new “red panic” that may target students in specific countries, arguing that this may encourage anti-Asian racism.

The US government has not confirmed this news. Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of China Foreign Affairs University, told reporters from the Global Times on the 28th that from the perspective of the Trump administration’s series of tough policies toward China, the probability of implementation of this policy is high. The United States recently listed 13 Chinese universities as sanctions entities, so we should not be surprised that the next step is to target college students. A basic judgment is that no matter what China’s next policy toward the United States is, the tougher and more antagonistic parts of the US policy toward China will appear frequently and in high density.

Li Haidong said that from the perspective of humanities exchanges, the policy will undoubtedly cause a considerable number of outstanding students in China not to use the United States as their first choice for studying abroad; Chinese students who have not been expelled from the United States will find it difficult to engage in scientific research. Trump ’s current election situation is very bad, and the US epidemic situation is also very bad. In this case, in order to protect himself, Trump ’s most natural choice is to “dump the pot”, as long as he continues to create “China ’s security for the United States” in American society. The topic of “threat”, you can pass on the responsibility of poor government governance
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