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X ray grid types made

X-ray grid types typically use lead with small volume and high absorbency. The media between the absorbers are paper, fiber, aluminum, or an inelastic, high-resistance foam material.
In order to reduce the adverse effects of scattered radiation, various technical solutions have been studied. Taking the most widely used X-ray as an example, a special anti-scattering grating is widely used at home and abroad.This type of anti-scattering grid types is called X-ray grid types.
X ray grid types made
Although the use of anti-scattering X-ray grid can reduce the scattered radiation generated in the object to be examined and improve the imaging quality, it also blocks some of the x-rays that should be directed at the X-ray detector.
Newheek x ray grid types are divided into parallel grid, cross grid, arc grid and convergent grid.It applies to different situations.
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