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x ray grid very precise

Similar expressions will inevitably trigger some American think tanks to assess that China and Russia may form an alliance against the West. However, the global geopolitical sector migration and reorganization brought about by the epidemic do not seem to be so straightforward.

Recently, George Beebee, who was in charge of analysis of Russian affairs at the US Central Intelligence Agency, is currently the vice president and director of the research department of the National Center for National Interest. The positioning is to make US-China relations better than Sino-Russian relations, but it seems that this positioning has changed when the global new crown epidemic broke out. The National Interest Center of the US think tank recently convened experts from Russia and the United States to discuss whether the new crown epidemic has promoted Sino-Russian cooperation and the triangular relationship between China, the United States and Russia. They basically believe that the United States has adopted a hostile approach to Russia and China at the same time, bringing Russia and China closer together.

Dmitry Suslov, an international relations expert at Moscow State Research University, said that confrontation with Russia has become a bipartisan consensus in the United States, and the current intensification of the US-China confrontation will not reduce the US-Russia confrontation.
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