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Advantages and disadvantages of using grids in radiography

The X-ray grid is an indispensable part of medical X-ray diagnostic equipment. When the thickness and density of the photographed object is relatively large, the use of the grid can improve the quality of the photo. From this, it can be inferred that the function of the X-ray grid is to filter scattered rays and improve image contrast.
In medical diagnosis, the chest of the human body is composed of various tissues with different densities, such as gas, bone, soft tissue, etc., which can form natural contrast. Therefore, X-ray examination for chest fluoroscopy or filming is the most common and simplest in medical diagnosis. , the most direct and clear inspection method. The quality of chest X-ray directly affects the diagnostic rate of X-ray. One of the main factors to improve the quality of the photo is to suppress the scattered X-rays. The application of the grid is to exclude the scattered rays from the scatterers before reaching the photo. It is an effective device for directly absorbing the scattered rays. The wire grid is placed between the photograph and the limb, and the center line of the X-ray tube is aligned with the center of the wire grid plate, so that the primary X-rays emitted from the X-ray tube are parallel to the lead bars of the wire grid, and part of them pass through the lead bars The gap reaches the photo, and the other part of the rays hits the lead bar and is absorbed. The scattered rays emitted by the subject cannot pass through the lead bar gap because they form an angle with the lead bar, so most of the rays are absorbed, thereby reducing the scattering on the photo. The amount of lines greatly improves the contrast of the photo and improves the image quality of the photo.
Due to the particularity of the x ray grid, attention should be paid to its transportation and storage: when storing, pay attention to placing it horizontally or vertically, not tilting, not pressing heavily, and handling it with care. Packed in wooden boxes during transportation, buffered to prevent bumps

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