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How many types of grids are there

Do you know how many types of grids there are?
Wire grids are mainly used for chest X-ray frames, filming beds, gastrointestinal beds and image intensifiers. The application of high-purity lead in Sinovel’s wire grid in the wire grid provides high efficiency in anti-scattering. The precise combination of aluminum base and aluminum strip makes high quality images possible.
There are many types of X-ray grids, which can be divided into the following categories according to their structure, material and movement mode. According to its structure, the grid can be divided into three types: convergent grid, parallel grid and cross grid. According to its material classification, the wire grid can be divided into metal wire grid and non-metallic wire grid. According to its movement mode, it can be divided into fixed wire grid and movable wire grid.
In addition, the size of the grid is rectangular, square and circular. In summary, there are many types of grids. If you have purchasing needs for wire grids, please call us.

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