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Can X-ray grids be used to replace Philips X-ray grids?

Everyone is familiar with the term X-ray grid, right? To put it simply, the X-ray grid is used to filter the messy scattered rays. Where is the X-ray grid installed? Since the X-ray grid filters radiation, the installation must be related to the X-ray equipment. Such as X-ray machine, bucky stand and image intensifier.
Recently, a customer inquired about Philips X-ray grid. The X-ray grid provided by the customer is the X-ray grid of the paper-based carbon cover used on the DR flat panel detector. This X-ray filter To be honest, grids are rare, because most customers use Korean JPIX ray grids, so why not choose paper-based X-ray grids? Because of the high price of paper-based X-ray grids, paper-based boards are easy to break, have a short life, and the cost performance is worse than aluminum-based ones. If you only look at the photo effect, there is no difference between the aluminum base and the paper base. Originally, the parameters of the X-ray machine can be adjusted, unless the parameters of the X-ray machine itself are relatively fixed and difficult to adjust.
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