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How to choose grid

The function of the grid is to eliminate scattered rays and make the image clearer. When we use the X-ray machine for film inspection, when the thickness of the subject is greater than 10cm, the grid should be used, so when you buy the grid, you should What factors should be paid attention to.
First of all, you need to determine the size of the grid: commonly used grid sizes are 15*18 feet and 18*18 feet, respectively corresponding to 14*17 feet and 17*17 feet flat panel detectors, film cassettes or CR IP panels for selection .
Secondly, it is necessary to determine the grid ratio of the grid: the grid ratio of the grid should be selected according to the level of the tube voltage. When the tube voltage is higher than 90KV, a grid ratio of more than 10:1 should be selected, which is lower. At 90KV, a grid with a grid ratio of less than 8:1 should be selected.
After reading the above introduction, have you understood the selection of grids? Huarui Imaging provides conventional grids, and can also accept size customization. If you have grid requirements, please feel free to consult.



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