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Description of medical X-ray grid

1 The application of high-purity lead in the x ray grid provides high efficiency in anti-scattering.
2 The accurate combination of aluminum base and aluminum strip makes high-quality images possible.
3 Smooth aluminum cover is wrapped with lead grid and enamel is applied to protect the grid from heat and dust, and avoid the pain of maintenance for many years.
4 The x ray grid performs well in the following aspects:

Variable size:
From standard 5×7” to 18×18”, special sizes can also be customized according to customer requirements. The size of the grid is one inch larger than the corresponding film size.

Variable grid ratio:
From 8:1 to 12:1, the grid ratio refers to the ratio of the height of the lead grid to the width of the gap

Focal range:
Suitable for 5*7 size photosensitive materials, focal length 0.7-1.8m optional.

High grid density:
Can be customized (130 lines/inch) or (150 lines/inch) high density grid

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