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What is the X-ray grid used for?

Everyone must be familiar with the term X-ray grid, so what do you know about X-ray grids, or what role does X-ray grids play? Today, I will explain to you the X-ray grid:
The main function of the X-ray grid is to filter out scattered rays. Scattered rays are due to a special effect that occurs when a part of the X-rays pass through the human body, causing the original X-rays to change the direction of propagation and form rays with different directions of propagation called scattered rays.
The types of X-ray filter grids are relatively rich. According to their structure, they are mainly divided into three types: parallel grid, cross grid, and focusing grid. The most commonly used filter grid is the focusing grid. The structural characteristics between the three grids are: parallel grid: the vertical axis of the lead bar is arranged in parallel with each other. Cross grid: It is composed of two layers of parallel grid crossing, and the crossing angle is 90°. Focal length grid: The lead bar is inclined at a certain angle and finally its extension lines intersect together. If you have any questions or problems about the X-ray grid, please call us!
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