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Korea King x ray grid

Our company Shandong Huarui image is South Korea King x ray grid domestic agent manufacturers. The x ray grid is mainly used to filter the influence of scattered rays on film or image. Most of the scattering lines are filtered out and only a small part of the direct rays pass through. Thus, the diagnostic quality of medical equipment for image is improved, and clearer and more accurate X-ray image is provided.
The appearance of Korea King x ray grid is 4 to 8mm thick plate. The internal structure is composed of many thin lead bars arranged in focus. The two lead strips are filled with materials that can easily pass through X-ray and bonded together. The filler can be wood, paper or aluminum. Finally, the upper and lower parts are packaged with thin aluminum plate or carbon fiber panel to form a grid plate. From the cross-section point of view, the arrangement direction of the filter plate lead will converge to a point. From the whole grating, there is a convergence line.
The x ray grid are classified according to their structures
1. Converging grid: each lead is inclined to the focus, that is, the extension line of the lead is focused on the focus.
2. Parallel grid: each lead bar is parallel to each other in the vertical plane.
3. Cross grid: it is composed of two parallel grids, and the direction of lead bars is 90 ° to each other.
4. Circular grid: it is formed by expanding from the center to the outside with equal radius, and is in tile shape.
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