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Does the DR grid have pros and cons?

Some customers inquired about the positive and negative of the DR grid, and replied that the DR grid was positive and negative. The grid is divided into the focal plane and the back focal plane, and the focal plane is the side facing the focal point of the X-ray tube, which is also called the “incident plane”. The X-ray tube is marked or noted on the focal plane, and the centerline of the grid is marked. When using, the focal plane must face the X-ray tube.
When using DR grid, pay attention to the following matters,
(1) When using the wire grid, the wire grid cannot be reversed
(2) The center line of the X-ray should be aligned with the center line of the grid, and the left-to-right deviation should not exceed 3CM
(3) When tilting the X-ray tube, the tilting direction can only be parallel to the arrangement direction of the lead strips
(4) When using the grid, the distance from the focus to the grid should be within the allowable focal length range

Parameters of fine X ray grid



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