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Where is the X-ray grid on the machine

In X-ray photography, the X-ray grid is placed between the flat-panel detector or IP plate or cassette film and the limb. The distance from the focal point to the X-ray grid is equal to the focal length of the grid, and the centerline of the X-ray Align the center line of the X-ray grid. The X-ray grid is a very important part of the X-ray machine. The X-ray grid is mainly used for film frames, film beds, image intensifiers, etc. It is mainly used to filter out the influence of scattered rays on the film or image.
The nature of the X-sealed line determines that after the original emission line emitted from the X-ray tube passes through the human tissue, it will produce a continuous emission line (also called a scattered line) with a longer wavelength than the original emission line, which radiates in random directions. When the line acts on X-ray film, it is easy to form background fog on the film, causing the resolution, clarity, and contrast of the film image to be significantly reduced. The X-ray grid can filter out most of the scattered rays, and only a small part of the scattered rays leak.


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