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How about Korean jpi X-ray grid

How about the Korean jpi grid, everyone? Through the previous articles, we already know the basic structure of the X-ray grid, and also understand the body structure of the movable X-ray grid and the fixed X-ray grid, as well as the role of the X-ray grid. After so many of these belong to the Korean jpi grid, it can be seen that the cost-effectiveness of the Korean jpi grid is relatively high.
The X-ray grid is a device that allows the original emission lines to pass through and filters out scattered rays to improve image quality. Among them, the definition of the original emission line and the secondary ray are the original emission line and the primary ray and the ray emitted from the X-ray tube, the scattered line and the secondary ray and the original emission line are injected into the human body and have a special effect on the human tissue. The generated rays have a wavelength longer than the original emission line and the radiation direction is scattered and irregular. Due to the effect of the different radiation directions of the scattered rays on the image, the image will be blurred, and the image will be gray and white and the contrast will not be high.
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