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Why are movable x-ray grids phased out by the market?

The main function of the x-ray grid is to filter out the influence of scattered rays on the imaging effect.

Movable x-ray grid is mainly used in industrial frequency X-ray machine, mainly in vibration.

Stationary x-ray grids are the most widely produced in the market. More and more machine matched x-ray grids are also stationary x-ray grids.

Why are movable x-ray grids being phased out by the market?

First, with the development of the times and science and technology, power-frequency X-ray machines are gradually eliminated by the market, followed by movable x-ray grids are also eliminated.

Secondly, because of the vibration of the movable x-ray grid, the motor is needed and the probability of damage is relatively high. So now more and more customers choose to use stationary x-ray grids.

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