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How much does the grid ratio of the X-ray grid affect the absorption of scattered rays?

The X-ray grid is divided into fixed type and movable type. The fixed X-ray grid has higher requirements for grid density, and the X-ray grid with low grid density can be made into a movable filter. Using X-ray grid, its effective direction is perpendicular to the arrangement direction of the X-ray grid, which can filter out scattered rays without producing lead shadows.

The structural specifications of the X-ray grid determine the intensity of the X-ray grid to block scattered light. Its main specifications are focal length, grid ratio and grid density. The focal length can be understood as the vertical distance from the convergence line of the lead bar to the midpoint of the grid, and the focal length can also be understood as the radius. As the name suggests, the grid ratio is the ratio. It is the ratio of the height of the guide plate of the X-ray grid to the gap between adjacent guide plates. It is usually represented by R. The conversion formula is R = H / A, H is the height of the lead rod, and A is the distance between adjacent lead rods. That is, the higher the lead bar, the smaller the distance between adjacent lead bars, and the larger the grid ratio, the stronger the ability to block scattered rays. The grid density is the number of derivatives in a unit distance, denoted by N, N = 1 / B. B represents the distance between adjacent leads, that is, the smaller the value of B, the smaller the adjacent distance within the unit distance. The greater the number of lead rods, the greater the gate density. Conversely, the larger the B value, the larger the adjacent distance. The fewer the number of bars per unit distance, the lower the gate density. The greater the grid density value, the stronger the ability to filter out scattered light.

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