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How to choose the most suitable X-ray grid

The X-ray grid is used to reduce scattered rays and improve image quality when taking X-ray photography.
The normal size of the X-ray grid is 15″*18″ and 18″*18″, corresponding to the size of the flat panel detector is 14″*17″ and 17″*17″ respectively. CR cassette or IP board can also be selected.
Regarding the grid ratio of the X-ray grid, it depends on the voltage of the lamp tube. If the bulb tube voltage is above 90KV, use a grid ratio of 10:1 and above. If the bulb tube voltage is below 90KV, a grid ratio of 8:1 and below should be selected.
This is the end of the introduction of X-ray grids. If you still don’t know what kind of X-ray grids your machine needs, please leave a message or email for consultation. We will recommend a more suitable X-ray grid for you.

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