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Operation method of X-ray grid

The function of the X-ray grid is to filter scattered rays, reduce fog and improve contrast. When the thickness and density of the grooved object is large, the X-ray grid can improve the flux quality.
X-ray grid is an indispensable part of medical X-ray diagnostic equipment, called mobile X-ray grid. It uses a metal plate to make a three-dimensional network structure, and its shape and geometry are the same as the original parallel grid type.
It is technically equivalent to two parallel X-ray grids installed vertically together, and the filter in it is in a dual focus state. The utility model can not only filter up to 95% of the scattered rays, but also improve the effective transmittance of X-ray rays.
The x-ray grid completely solves the defects of one-way filter lines, and the ability to filter scattered lines can reach more than 95%.
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