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How to use the grid?

The grid is divided into a focal plane and a back focal plane, and the focal plane is the side that faces the focus of the bulb, also called the “incident surface.” Labeled or marked on the focal plane and marked with the centerline of the grid. When using, the focal plane must face the direction of the tube.

When the convergence grid is in use, the convergence line should coincide with the focus of the tube, so that the original emission line and the lead strip are parallel and can pass smoothly, and the direction of the scattered line is random, rarely coincides with the direction of the lead strip, so it is absolutely large. Part of it is absorbed by lead strips, and the image obtained is clear. Therefore, the grid should be placed as far as possible in the required position to avoid center deviation.

Since grids of the same size have different grid ratios and grid densities, communication with customers should be confirmed by at least the dimensions, grid ratio, grid density and focal length. It is best to have labels and parameters.


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