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In addition to JPI, what other brand manufacturers of medical grids?

The most common grid on the market now is the JPI brand, and the market share of other brands of medical grids is relatively small.
The medical grid is used to filter out the influence of scattered rays on the film. It should be placed between the human body and the film to filter out most of the scattered rays, and only a small part of the scattered rays leak. Its function is to improve the quality of the film, filter the scattered rays, reduce the fog, and improve the contrast when the thickness and density of the object being photographed are relatively large. Generally, it is recommended to use a grid for filming with a high-frequency machine, and the effect will be better.
The appearance of the medical grid is a flat plate with a thickness of 4-8mm. The internal structure is formed by intersecting many thin lead strips. The two lead strips are filled and positioned with a material that is easy to penetrate X-ray, and glued together. The filler can be wood, paper or aluminum sheet. The front and back are encapsulated with thin aluminum plates to form a grid plate. Seen from the cross section, the arrangement direction of the lead strips of the filter plate will gather to one point. Seen from the entire grid, there is a line of convergence.

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