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Inquiry of X ray grid and casette bucky

Customers from Oman ask us about X ray grid, casette bucky and red light.

Parameters of fine X ray grid
We have all the products our customers need, but at first we didn’t understand whether the customer’s casette was our bucky stand or bucky. After confirming with the customer, knowing that the customer needs is just a bucky.
Briefly introduce Newheek x ray grid:
Grids are placed between the patient and the x-ray film to reduce the scattered radiation (produced mainly by the Compton effect) and thus improve image contrast.

They are made of parallel strips of lead with an interspace having an aluminum or organic spacer. The strips can be oriented either linear or crossed in their longitudinal axis. As the scatter radiation is increased in “thicker” patients and at larger field sizes, grids Are useful in such scenarios to improve image contrast.

The working ability of a grid is described by the grid ratio, which is the ratio of the height of the lead strips to the distance between two strips (the interspace). The higher the grid ratio, the better the image contrast but at a cost Grid ratio of 8:1 is generally used for 70-90 kVp technique and 12:1 is used for >90 kVp technique.


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