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Introduction of movable x-ray grid

The filter grids are divided into fixed grids and movable x-ray grid. What is movable x-ray grid?
Movable x-ray grid are also divided into common filter grids and all-metal filter grids. The internal spacers of the common filter grids are composed of non-metallic materials, such as wood, paper, plastic and other non-metallic low density materials. All-metal filter grille: The internal spacer is metal material: aluminium sheet. It has high strength and good moisture resistance.
The purpose of movable x-ray grid is to blur the shadow of the grating by moving the grating to avoid the interference of the shadow of the lead bar on the image of the object being photographed. At present, the moving form of movable x-ray grid mostly adopts vibration type.
Introduction of  movable x-ray grid


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