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Overall understanding of x-ray grid

From the appearance of the x-ray grid, the filter grids are generally a black flat plate with a thickness of 4 to 8 mm. The inner structure of the x-ray grid is formed by intersecting thin lead bars. Fill and locate the two lead bars with X-ray material and glue them together.
So how to judge the standard of the x-ray grid ? Among them, the exposure coefficient of the x-ray grid is a standard to measure the x-ray grid.
Exposure coefficient B means the ratio of exposure required to obtain the same density value when the filter grating is not used and when the x-ray grid is used. Generally speaking, the B value is between 2 and 6. When the performance of the x-ray grid is the same, the smaller the B value of the filter grating is, the better.
Use of x-ray grid: In X-ray photography, the x-ray grid are usually used when the limb thickness is more than 15 cm.
Overall understanding of  x-ray grid


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