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Jinan dealers inquire about the application of x-ray grids.

Let’s briefly popularize the grids.
The x ray grid is not only used on the X-ray machine but also on the bucky stand. With the continuous use of the wire grid, the use will be more and more.
The grid is used more and more in the medical industry, it makes the image clearer, and can absorb the scattered scattered rays.
Focal length: the vertical distance from the lead convergence line to the grid surface.
Grid ratio: It is also a grid ratio, which is the ratio of the height of the lead bar to the gap of the lead bar, R. The higher the grid ratio, the stronger the ability to filter out scattered lines.
Grid density: the number of lead bars per unit distance, N. In general, the larger the gate ratio, the greater the gate density.
Newheek sells X-ray grids of different sizes such as 6X8, 8×10, 10×12, 14×17, 17×17 and so on.
The Newheek filter grid can be divided into a king filter grid, a Korean JPI filter grid, and the filter grid can be used in conjunction with a chest radiograph, X-ray machine, gastrointestinal machine, DR flat panel detector.

Scattering x ray grid application


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